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Druid's Exchange Podcast - Animal Intelligence

Episode #23 – “Monkeying Around”

In this episode, we take a look at animal intelligence and how it compares/contrasts with human intelligence. With the aid of some surprising examples, we find there is a lot more going on when it comes to “intelligence”.

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Druid's Exchange Podcast Music

Episode #22 – “Music”

This is an episode of two halves – the first half takes the form of an interview with Mr Beard asking Me C about his new band ‘New Ceremony’ and his musical career, and the second half is more a general chat about music. Mr C provides the inside scoop on the creative process and …

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Druid's Exchange Podcast Literature

Episode #21 – “Literature”

In this episode, we take a whistle stop tour of literature in all its forms. Starting at the beginning, we discuss the famous Library of Alexandria and the invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press, then go on to highlight many of our favourite book series and authors including Viktor Schauberger, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Dan Brown, JK …

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Druid's Exchange Podcast Technology

Episode #20 – “Technology”

In this episode we take a look at the subject of ‘technology’, with our main topics of discussion covering Nikola Tesla, the invention of the transistor, the iconic Sony Walkman, human-augmenting biotechnology and society-changing Blockchain technology.

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Druid's Exchange Podcast Exploration

Episode #19 – “Explorers & Folklore”

In this episode we look at exploration and folklore from the point of view of Ireland and a select group of Irish men and women that epitomize what we consider an explorer. We highlight some historic figures like Tom Crean Antarctic explorer, Anne Bonny an Irish lady pirate, Colin O’ Brady athlete and climber and …

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Druid's Exchange Podcast Time

Episode #18 – “Time Flies When You’re Living”

Time has always been a funny topic of discussion, and for so many the obsession of their lives like Albert Einstein and the great astronomers and ocean explorers of the modern ages. Probably one of the most abstract notions when questioned, What is time? In this episode we tackle some of the ways in which …

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Episode #17 – “Food Glorious Food!”

All across the world and all through time, food is the glue that holds cultures together. Even down to the family unit, everyone sitting around the table and sharing a meal, food can bridge the generational divide and open up lines of communication in ways little else can.

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Druid's Exchange Podcast Setting Goals

Episode #16 – “Stretch Yourself”

‘A new year, a new you’ – as clichéd as it sounds, the majority of us set some kind of new year’s resolution. But many of us fail to reach our goals. Learn how to set better goals and develop effective processes to improve your chance of success.

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